What are men's and women's rights in marriage? - Q&A - Sh. Khalid Yasin

7 years ago
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Many marriages break because men and women don't realize their spouses' rights upon them and as a consequence of that they violate each others rights. Marriage is a very serious matter and should not be like the lab-experiments you did in school. You need to study Islam and get to know the rights of your spouse before getting into marriage. If you jump into something you really don't know what is you will not be able to give it its due rights and you may end up breaking it. So learn your own rights, and the rights of your spouse. If you are already married, implement them in your lives, and if you're not married yet, then get married and implement them in your lives. To learn the rights of owns spouse is not meant as a hinder to get married. You learn as much as you can before you get married, and at least learn the basics of what marriage is. When you do get married you keep on learning with experience. Listen to Sh. Khalid Yasin's simple advice regarding the issue of men and women's rights in marriage according to Islam.

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