Why did Muhammad (pbuh) marry Aisha at a young age? - Q&A - Sh. Khalid Yasin

7 years ago
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This is a question that has bothered people in the modern times, even though no one criticized the Prophet of Islam for marrying Aisha before recently. Even the staunchest enemies of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who lied about him to the people, who accused him of being a magician, who tortured his followers, who tried to assassinate him and threw stones at him, never ever had any critique about him marrying Aisha at a young age. If this was a blameworthy thing to do, his enemies at his time would have been the first ones to use it against him. Just because it is not common to do something today, does not make that thing wrong. If we were to decide right and wrong from what is common one would today criticize all Prophets of God for preaching against relationships outside the boundaries of marriage between men and women, because today it is common in the West to live in fornication and it does not matter which gender you are living with. So what God ordained is right, and what people say against God is wrong. Watch the video for a detailed answer.

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