How to focus in Salah? - Q&A - Sh. Alaa Elsayed

6 years ago
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At that point his heart begins to realize that he is about to complete his prayer and with it leave this blessed condition that he is experiencing, and that soon he will be returning to the dreariness of his worldly affairs that he had detached himself from just before standing before his Lord. Once again he will be subject to the feelings of pain and anguish that his heart endured before he started praying, all of which melted away as soon as he commenced his salah. At that point, his heart rushes to enjoy the nearness of Allah for the last time, to bask His grace, and to be saved from the disruptiveness of his worldly affairs. (…) At this stage, the heart cannot but feel burdened and troubled knowing that all this is about to end and that he is about to return to these worldly affairs and concerns. This agitates the ‘abd to the point that he starts wishing that this salah were the final act of his life. Quote from Ibn Qayyim, inner dimension of prayer, s.69)

Listen to Sh. Alaa Elsayed's advice on this beautiful topic.

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