Can I love someone for other reasons and for the sake of Allah? - Q&A - Sh. Riad Ouarzazi

6 years ago
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Anas ibn Maalik related: "I was sitting with the Prophet when a man came passing by, and he said, ‘Oh Prophet of Allaah, indeed I love this man (in a brotherly way)’; so he (the Prophet ) said, ‘Have you informed him of this?’; so the man said, ‘No.’; so the Prophet said, ‘Get up and go tell him.’; so he got up and went to him and said, ‘Oh so-and-so, by Allaah, indeed I love you for the sake of Allaah’; so he said, ‘May the One for whom you have loved me, love you (in return)."

What is the purest love? Listen to Sh. Riad Ouarzazi's answer.

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