Can I live my life first and then practice Islam? - Q&A - Loon from Puff Daddy's Bad Boys

7 years ago
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Are you in the same dilemma? You want to be a practising Muslim, you want to pray five times a day -- because you know that Islam is the truth -- but not just yet, you want to live your life first! You got all life to be praying and this and that, but you only got your youth once, so why not party, have fun and live your life now, and when you get older, you can then be a better Muslim? Have you too been thinking like this? Wallahi it is a trap from Satan! Listen to the advice of our brother Amir, who himself used to be like those people you want to be like. He was a famous rapper called Loon and used to make songs with Puff Daddy, but he submitted to Allah! Listen to why this thought you have is a trap from Satan.

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